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TUF 10 Finale: Matt Hamill vs. Jon Jones

The following is from our live coverage of The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale. To access our full coverage, click here.

Jon Jones vs. Matt Hamill

Round 1: Hamill started the round looking for leg kicks. Jones landed a couple of nice punches and body kicks. Jones defended a takedown attempt. Jones clinched with Hamill and landed a takedown. Jones mounted Hamill and started landing some big elbows from the top. Jones stayed aggressive in landing elbows, but landed an up-and-down elbow, causing the referee to stand Jones up. Hamill was in no condition to continue, and the fight was stopped. Hamill was in a bad away and was attended to. Everyone thought that Jones was the victor.

Winner via disqualification (illegal elbow): Matt Hamill

After the bout, Hamill said he injured his arm. Hamill said Jones did a good job and that he’ll come back.

Joe Rogan talked to Jones, and said that he thought they were going to announce that he was the winner. Jones said that he was grateful regardless of the decision and received a good ovation as he left the cage.