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With Weight Cut An Issue, Kimbo Slice Will Be Fighting More Than Just Houston Alexander

Although he didn’t win a single fight on the show, Kimbo Slice is still the center of attention for tonight’s The Ultimate Fighter 10: Heavyweights finale. Of course we shouldn’t be surprised by this fact. There is just something about the man that makes people want to tune into his every move. Tonight, Kimbo will get his chance to prove to everyone that all the attention is rightfully deserved when he takes on Houston Alexander in what will no doubt be a stand-up war. Yesterday, Slice spoke to the media about how he feels mentally and physically coming into the fight and just how hard the weight cut to 215 lbs. actually was for him.

Speaking to how he feels at a weight of 215, Kimbo didn’t sound all that pleased. “215 is not good. The last time I was at this weight, I was in middle school. It’s really a mental challenge for me. Physically I feel good for the most part. But it’s really just a mental drain.”

Kimbo was later asked how hard of a decision it was for him to turn down a chance to came back and fight as an injury replacement on the show. “It wasn’t hard. I was just being honest with myself. I’m just being real.”

When asked if part of that decision was due to the fact that he has more to risk now than he has ever had before, Slice seemed to believe that it did play a part. “It is different. In this game you gotta put everything in one; muay thai, wrestling, jui jitsu, just everything. In a street fight, it doesn’t matter, you just go out and bang. At this level you gotta make smart decisions.”

The weight cutting issue was later brought up again, and as he expressed before, Kimbo wasn’t too happy with having to trim down. “I don’t know, I’ve lost something. 215 was hell. 205 [as some people have suggested would be the best weight for him] would be damn near impossible. I’m a heavyweight man. This weight-cutting thing just changes you. I didn’t know how mental this was gonna be.”

Will Kimbo be able to fight through the mental drain of the weight cut and win his first fight under the UFC banner? Tune in to The Ultimate Fighter 10: Heavyweights Finale tonight, live at 9pm ET from the Palms in Las Vegas, NV to find out.