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Frank Mir Talks About Facing Cheick Kongo At UFC 107, Rips His Ground Game

With UFC 107 less than two weeks away, much of the MMA world is buzzing over what seems to be the promotion’s best card since UFC 100. One fight on the card that has garnered some of that attention is the heavyweight showdown between Frank Mir and Cheick Kongo. And once again, Mir is doing his part in helping to hype the fight when he recently spoke about Kongo’s skills inside the cage, or in some cases, his lack thereof.

“He has great reach, a good right hand, good stand up, and great knees,” Mir said of Kongo. “His strength and athleticism helps him out a lot in certain bad situations. He’s got good ground and pound too.”

While Mir was complimentary of certain aspects of Kongo’s game, he held nothing back when discussing what he feet was lacking.

“Obviously his wrestling is not the best wrestling,” Mir bluntly noted. “In the fight with Cain Velasquez, he was getting mauled for 15 minutes; he had very poor technique and had no answers. No one is shocked by the fact that his ground game is amongst some of the worst ground game we have in the heavyweight division. I hope to take advantage of that. I feel that I’m pretty decent on the ground. I feel that if I get the fight on the ground it’s to my advantage, and I’ll win the fight.”

Although Mir’s obvious game plan would seem to be to take Kongo down, he hinted at standing and striking with Kongo before taking any shots.

“I don’t really have anything to prove by standing up with him,” said Mir. “That will be where he is most confident. But I want to go out there and strike with him and look for my opportunity, and when it comes, take advantage. Every time he throws a kick, if it doesn’t knock me out, he’s going down. If I force it, that’s when I’ll get hurt. I hope to only have to take him down one time, and that will be the end of the fight.”

UFC 107 will be taking place inside the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee on December 12. In addition to Mir facing Kongo, UFC lightweight champion BJ Penn will defend his title against Diego Sanchez in the main event.