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Forrest Griffin Talks About UFC 106 Win And His Conversation With Anderson Silva

A jubilant Forrest Griffin was on site at Jet night club in the Mirage Hotel & Casino discussing his decision victory over born again UFC employee, Tito Ortiz. The controversial decision ended their nagging grudge match that was a result of their first meeting three years ago, a close battle many believed Forrest had won despite dropping a split decision. Though the tables turned in Forrest’s favor, he made no qualms about a rubber match that would decide the series.

“We gotta do it again,” Griffin said during a recent interview with with a satisfying grin. However, looking back at the fight he believes there was much more that could have been done. “There were things I could have done differently. Getting up more, for one, but fighting’s hard. It looks much easier. I know when I watch this fight, I’m gonna be like ‘Forrest, get up asshole.’”

The Ultimate Fighter Season 1 winner and pioneer of modern day MMA is never short of masochist humor. That was all too evident at UFC 106 after Chumbawamba lyrics echoed throughout the Mandalay Bay Events Center during his entrance to the octagon, a clear reference to the devastating knock out he received at the hands of middleweight champion and pound for pound great, Anderson Silva. Forrest gives credit for the song idea to his newly wedded wife, Jamie.

“I get knocked down but I get up again. It’s a very appropriate song,” he explained while chuckling. “It was her idea. I brought it to Dana and he loved it. It’s a great song to come out to after getting your ass whooped.”

The retreating jab knock out from The Spider was anything but a joking matter to Griffin that night at UFC 101. To add insult to injury, he baffled and shocked the MMA world by running out of the cage after the fight, an incident he’s been quiet about until recently. After his fight with Tito, Forrest was seen talking to Anderson before the post-fight press conference, explaining himself and making amends with the situation.

“I just wanted to tell him I meant no disrespect by running out of the cage, that I was just in a bad place,” Griffin stated. “I wish I would have put on a better fight.”

A fight Griffin had to make peace with after getting a phone call from the UFC, mid-way through his honeymoon, asking if he could headline UFC 106 opening a window of only five weeks for training and preparation. It was an opportunity that came knocking due to heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar’s recent illness and pull-out of the main event with contender Shane Carwin. The resulting short-noticed bout with UFC legend Tito Ortiz ended up being exactly what Forrest needed to get back on track after losing two in a row, a tough situation that would create a lot of unwelcoming questions for any top tier fighter of the sport.

“I only got five weeks of training in before this fight with Tito but it was good for me to get right back in there,” he noted.

When asked what he thought of the crowd’s passionate and fiery response to the moment he set in the arena, he humbly responded, “I really appreciate them giving me a pass, they gave me a freebie. They gave me a pass and now they’re back on my side, I love it.”