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Josh Koscheck Weighs In After UFC 106, Has A Message For Haters

Josh Koscheck recently stressed the importance of overcoming adversity in order to grab the victory in his UFC 106 fight against Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, who many thought was on his way to the upper echelons of the welterweight division until tapping out to a rear-naked choke. The victory was Koscheck’s second consecutive win in as many months.

“It was all about adversity in this fight. I had to weather the storm after getting cracked with a couple of good shots, then obviously the knee and the poke,” Koscheck explained in an interview with

Despite garnering the “Fight of the Night” award, there were plenty of incidents in the fight that required interference from the referee.

Koscheck commented on the events of the fight via Twitter, tweeting, “But what the f–k do I care!!! 140k in fight of the night and tapout of the night!! so keep hate’n. Xoxo.

“I know what’s up 2 the real mother f–kers out there true KOS fans! 1st off it was a eye poke on the ground not the knee.”

During the first round, Koscheck received an eye poke and an illegal knee from Johnson after attempting a double leg take-down. Controversy later ensued since both blows happened around the same time leaving Koscheck unsure of which strike was thrown first.

“I’m not sure if the eye poke or the illegal knee was first,” he stated. “It wasn’t really the knee that got me; it was more his fingers but I’ll have to watch the tape to see for sure.”

A couple of days later Koscheck tweeted about the incident: “U haters can suck my d–k! Haha love this Twitter shit talking. A faker never gets up and doesn’t fight after that a eye poker…”

The illegal blow resulted in referee Mario Yamazuki deducting a point from Johnson, who later in the second round, was on the receiving end of another eye poke. Despite the obstacles, Koscheck said that he never felt like he was in any real kind of danger.

“I was confident in my mind the whole time. I just needed the five minutes to make sure things were ok because it got blurry, a little dizzy but I was alright. I just wanted to take the time.”

Once recovered, Koscheck started utilizing his superior wrestling and submission skills in the second round to his advantage by setting up a rear-naked choke, after scoring take-downs on a fatigued Rumble Johnson.

The decisive win was just what the outspoken Koscheck needed to convince UFC President Dana White that a title shot could be on the horizon after the conclusion of St. Pierre vs. Hardy, which is rumored to take place sometime in February. That’s plenty of time for Koscheck to clarify his stance on Dan Hardy, who was in attendance for UFC 106. Koscheck believes the Team Rough House Brit doesn’t deserve a title shot. Hardy didn’t seem to mind, as he was seen mocking Koscheck from ringside by giving the “boohoo sign”, as the Fanhouse interviewer described it.

“I actually like Dan Hardy, he’s a funny dude,” Kos admitted. “He’s got something that’s good for the sport.”

He went on to explain that he had no problem with “The Outlaw” getting his shot at St. Pierre knowing, whether it is Hardy or GSP standing on the other side of the octagon, he will get his opportunity to fight for the title soon enough.

For the time being, the American Kickboxing Academy member sees his willingness to fight anyone at anytime as a great asset to a company and a boss who has reportedly bumped heads with the fighter in the past.

“Back in the day, me and Dana’s personalities just didn’t mesh well but I think I’m winning those guys over by winning and with my willingness to fight anybody, anytime, any place and I’m willing to out there and lay it on the line. I want them to know that I’m a team player always ready to step up. That’s a great thing for an organization to have.”

After Saturday night’s performance, Dana was full of praise during the post-fight press conference where Koscheck stated he would love to fight twelve times a year but laughed at the suggestion of fighting his “boy” and teammate Jon Fitch.