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Thiago Alves Talks GSP, Training With Kimbo Slice, Fedor And His Future With The UFC

Thiago Alves’ comeback trail was derailed when the welterweight was forced out of his UFC 107 bout with Jon Fitch next month. Alves suffered a torn a knee ligament during training, which will keep him out of training for the rest of the month.

“I tore my PCL,” Alves told The Bleacher Report. “I had a knee injury before my fight with GSP in which I tore my MCL and now 6 weeks before my fight with Fitch I tore my PCL. My doctor advised me not to fight and although I still wanted to fight my manager told me not to because I am not 100.”

St-Pierre had dominated Alves in their bout at UFC 100 this past July, earning St-Pierre a unanimous decision. Alves noted that while he was in good physical shape for the fight, he wasn’t at his best mentally.

“I wasn’t at my best, I was in really good shape physically but mentally I wasn’t where I needed to be, my strategy going into the fight was not where it needed to be,” he stated. I was dealing with a lot of pressure and a lot of bullsh-t but that doesn’t mean anything, GSP was better than me that night, it wasn’t my night and I need to get better.”

Alves holds no hard feelings following the high profile loss, but noted that he doesn’t want to be like GSP.

“I have so much respect for the type of fighter that GSP is, he is such a great competitor, such a nice guy, so respectful,” Alves admitted. “It made me look up to him but I don’t want to be like him, I want to be better than him. It makes me work even harder because I have to beat him.”

Alves’ words were equally as nice for TUF 10 contestant Kimbo Slice, whom he trains with.

“I have done some wrestling and jiu-jitsu with him and he’s getting there,” he stated. “He’s learning, a lot of people talk sh-t about him but I have so much respect for him. He has been doing well and training hard, hopefully he will show what he has learned in his next fight. He has gotten much better since his fight on The Ultimate Fighter against Roy Nelson.”

Alves also said he had great respect for Fedor Emelianenko and Wanderlei Silva, whom he credits as his inspiration to get into the sport.

“Fedor is another fighter I like to watch compete. Along with GSP and Anderson Silva, those three guys are fighters I love to watch,” he said. “Another guy I love to watch is Wanderlei Silva, he was my favorite back in the day. He is my idol and one of the reasons I started fighting in MMA.”

As for the 26-year olds future in the sport, Alves says he still has a few fights left on his contract with the UFC and is hoping to get back into the octagon at the end of January.

“I believe I have three or four fights left on my contract,” he said. “Hopefully I will be back by January 31st.”