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Fedor Emeilianenko Talks About Finding Religion And His Dislocated Thumb

Fedor Emeilianenko has had a busy year with his personal life. In addition to recently getting married, the WAMMA heavyweight champion says that he has recently accepted religion into his life, and now finds himself deeply implanted in the Russian Orthodox faith.

“It all happened in Nizhniy Novgorod,” Emeilianenko told Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda of his new-found faith. “I was invited to a competition there as well as a trip to some holy sites. After visiting there, something inside me changed. I didn’t just understand, but I actually felt that God exists. A lot of questions that troubled me then were answered. Everything fell into place.”

Fedor credits this understanding of god as the reason he married his second wife Marina.

“For me it is not just a “nice event” in life. People should support their love not only with words. And what could be more serious commitment to the Lord?” he asked.

Fedor also said he gets “blessed” by his spiritual adviser before his fights, and his adviser sometimes even trains with him.

“We run together with him and that’s just the beginning. He goes to the gym with me, trains. He still holds a pull up record in our gym,” Fedor reveals. “But he is a true Christian.”

“The Last Emperor” is healing from a dislocated thumb he suffered during his bout with Brett Rogers earlier this month. Emeilianenko admitted to being concerned about his hand during the fight with Rogers.

“I was worried about my thumb,” he admitted. “At first I didn’t notice that I dislocated it. But then I felt pain in my hand and the first thought that rose up was, how will this affect my future career and will I be able to fight again? But I gathered my strength and knocked him out with a right hand. I didn’t have to change my tactics too much.”