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Tito Ortiz Feels That He Should Have Won UFC 106 Bout & ‘Fight Of The Night’ Bonus

In a bit of poetic justice, much like Forrest Griffin feeling he won his original bout with Tito Ortiz at UFC 59, Tito Ortiz stated that he felt he won last night’s rematch during the UFC 106 post-fight press conference.

“I thought I won the fight,” Ortiz stated. “I thought I pulled it off two rounds to one. You know, that third round, I’m very thankful to Dr. William Smith here in Las Vegas for doing the surgery that he did, otherwise I would not have been able to step in against a guy who is ranked fifth in the world. I came in and thought I won the fight.”

The first two rounds were close, and scored both rounds for Ortiz. However, Griffin completely dominated the third round as Ortiz appeared completely gassed and was unable to mount any offense.

Both fighters were entering the cage tonight injured, as Griffin noted that he broke a foot in training. That gave Ortiz an opportunity to start rattling off the injuries he had, which included fighting with a black eye – which he said was a result of a cracked skull – as well as a bulging disk in his neck. Ortiz noted that he hid his injuries to sell the fight.

“You gotta sell the fight, right? I had disc C-7 or C-6 pressing on my spinal cord,” Ortiz said. “I was in traction for awhile. Beyond that I came in and put up a fight. I put my heart and soul inside that cage every time I fight. I thought I won the fight. I thought I won. I thought I won the first round and I thought I won the second round.

“You see the damage on his face? I got him good,” Ortiz continued. “In the third round I was gassed, but after taking 18 months off, I want to see another fighter come in here [and undergoing back surgery] and do what I just did. I gave my heart and soul, man. I entertained the fans.”

One judge scored the fight 30-27 for Griffin, which left both the “Huntington Beach Bad Boy” and UFC President Dana White baffled.

“I mean what the f***, are you blind or something?,” he exclaimed.

Ortiz was also not happy about “Fight Of The Night” going to Anthony “Rumble” Johnson and Josh Koscheck.

“I’m taken back by it, but it is what it is,” Ortiz said.

“I’ll be back,” he promised to his fans. “I feel good. I’m sorry I let my fans down. I thought I won… I’m pissed.”

You can watch Ortiz’s rant at the post-fight press conference below: