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Anthony Johnson Says Josh Koscheck Faked Being Fouled

Last night’s “Fight Of The Night” between Josh Koscheck and
Anthony Johnson at UFC 106 didn’t lack stoppages. The fight was paused twice due to eye pokes, and once for an illegal knee to a downed Koscheck from Johnson. However, Johnson is claiming that he actually hit Koscheck’s arm, and that Koscheck may have acted hurt because he was gassing.

“I didn’t hit him in the head, I hit him in the arm,” Johnson stated during the UFC 106 post-fight press conference. “I don’t know why he would act like [that], I guess he was gassing. That’s the only thing I can think of, [him] trying to find some kind of excuse to complain. I know I didn’t hit him in the head. I thought I timed it perfect but I didn’t and that’s my fault.”

Joe Rogan found it to be odd that Koscheck was holding his left eye during the stoppage, when several replays showed that Johnson hadn’t hit Koscheck’s left eye, and only grazed his right eye. Koscheck would then accidentally poke Johnson in the eyes – twice – in the second round.

“After him poking me in the eye it made a big difference,” Johnson recalled. “Then he did it twice and got both eyes the second time because when he swings, he jabs with his open hand and the right didn’t even hit me, it was just the open palm strike and my eyes, my eyes are burning like hell right now.

“After I hurt him, he needed that, he needed some kind of excuse to recover, but it’s all good.”