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Randy Couture Talks About Decision And Staying At Light Heavyweight

The issue of judging once again became the subject of discussion amongst MMA fans after Randy Couture’s unanimous decision victory over Brandon Vera at UFC 105 earlier today.

Couture spent most of the fight pressing Vera against the cage and controlling the bout, although rarely inflicting much damage. It’s a strategy that would have probably gotten any other fighter booed out of the building, but it worked for Couture.

“I controlled a lot of the tempo of the fight,” Couture stated after the fight, but admitted, “[it] probably wasn’t the most exciting thing to watch.”

While Couture controlled the majority of the bout, Vera landed the most devastating blows. “The Natural” admitted that Vera had him hurt at various points in the fight.

“Brandon’s tough, he kicked me twice in the body in the second and third round, and that hurt,” he admitted. “He stung me a good one with the body kick, and he did it again in the third round, he didn’t get me quite as bad but it was still bad.”

Couture admitted that the fight was close, and said that ultimately in a fight like this, it comes down to what the judge is looking at.

“We’ve seen this recently in the past already,” he said. “You just don’t know what the judges are looking at and how they see the fight. Ultimately in a fight this close, that determines the decision.”

As for Couture, this was his first fight at light heavyweight since he fought Chuck Liddell at UFC 57 in 2006, and he has no plans on leaving anytime soon.

“Right now the trend in the heavyweight division is pretty stacked [with] a lot of big strong athletic guys,” he noted. “I’m probably a lot better dealing with guys Brandon’s size [and] my size. I don’t have to worry so much about some of the situations to get in, like giving the guy the mount, or giving the guy my back. With a guy that size, it’s ridiculous.”