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Fedor Emelianenko Says Hand, Nose Both Fine After Victory Over Brett Rogers

Contrary to various reports that said Fedor Emelianenko had his nose and his hand broken in his second round TKO victory over Brett Rogers last weekend, the heavyweight juggernaut recently told Lorreta Hunt of that those rumors were false, and that neither his nose nor his hand were broken and that he in fact come away from the fight fairly healthy.

“No, I didn’t break my nose, rather Brett Rogers didn’t break my nose,” Fedor said. “It was just a blow that actually opened up an existing cut that I had for a while. When I was training for the Josh Barnett fight, my brother Aleksander came to Russia to train and spar with me, and he made a cut on the bridge of my nose. It was there for a while and then in the fight Brett connected and it re-opened. The nose is fine.”

Fedor also noted that he dislocated his left thumb when punching Rogers in the first round, and that it will only be in a cast for four to six weeks.

“I’ll get back into training, actually, fairly quickly,” he said. “I can run and I can work with my right hand, I just can’t do any striking with my left hand.”

Fedor later spoke to UFC President Dana White’s claims that the elite heavyweights in the UFC would easily defeat Rogers, but Fedor, of course, graciously shrugged it off.

“What can I tell you?” Fedor said. “The first thing I can say is that Brett Rogers had his way very quickly, in 20 seconds, with a UFC champion, Andrei Arlovski. In terms of Rogers, I can’t comment on how other fighters in the UFC would fare with Brett Rogers, because that’s just speculation. As far as the UFC, if they offer us a fair deal, then we would be open to fighting in the UFC. But all I see from them right now is nothing fair and all insults.”