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Brett Rogers Hopes To Capitalize On Fedor’s Inexperience In A Cage

The time is almost at hand for the undefeated Brett “Grim” Rodgers (10-0), as he looks to keep his undefeated record alive when he faces Russian heavyweight phenom Fedor Emeliankeno (30-1) in Strikeforce’s CBS debut this Saturday. Rogers acknowledged that the fight was a Cinderella story for him and a dream come true, and he’s ready to prove himself to the world.

“I’m excited man, I can’t wait,” Rogers told Ray Flores of “It’s been a long training camp, and I’m ready to get in and show the world that I can definitely fight and bang with the best.”

For Rogers, the bout is a homecoming of sorts, as the heavyweight grew in the Cabrini Green neighborhood of Chicago, IL. Despite the close proximity to his old stomping grounds, Rogers stated that he wished that the bout would have taken place in his current home state, saying, “I live in Minnesota, I would have much rather it [the fight] have been there.”

The bout marks the first time in Fedor’s legendary career that he has fought inside of a cage, a fact that hasn’t fallen on deaf ears.

“The cage is definitely my friend man, and my friend is definitely going to help me out,” Rogers stated. “I’m going to use it to my advantage. He’s definitely used to the boxing ring, and in a boxing ring you can get out of bad situations a lot more easier then the cage. So I’m definitely going to welcome him to the cage.”

Rogers also made it clear that he’s not working by the hour when giving his prediction for the fight, stating that “it’s going to end within three minutes and it’s definitely going to be a knockout.”

You can watch our entire interview with Rogers below: