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Jason Miller Says He Won’t Let Jake Shields "Dry Hump Me Into Submission"

Many fans of Jason “Mayhem” Miller, who have followed the charismatic fighter on MTV’s Bully Beatdown, will be getting their first chance to see the reality show host compete. Miller is gearing up to face Jake Shields for the Strikeforce middleweight championship, vacated by Cung Le, in Strikeforce’s CBS debut this Saturday in Chicago. Always brash, Miller told Ray Flores of that he wasn’t that impressed with Shields’ five-year undefeated record.

“He’s never fought me,” Miller noted, when asked how he would be able to beat Shields. “I have the key to his little mystery… don’t let him hug you on the ground! I am sorry it is so magical for you guys, that you all didn’t realize it before, but I am not going to let him dry hump me into submission. I am going to make it happen. I’m going to dance the dance, I’m going to talk the talk, I’m going to get in there and piece him up!”

While Shields has won his last six of his last seven bouts via submission, Miller noted that he’s not fazed.

“I know a couple of these moves of this brazilian jiu-jitsu that you speak of, so I think I have that handled,” Miller noted. “I’m going to make this into a brawl, it’s not going to be a soft little buttercup fight, it’s going to be circa 1994 me and my father in the backyard fight, this is going to be serious.”

Miller also cleared up some rumors about not wanting to fight for the UFC again.

“At this point now, no, I’m not interested,” he said. “I’m open to things down the road, but at this time I’m happy with what I’m doing with Strikeforce, I’m happy with what I’m doing in DREAM in Japan. I’m protected doing those kind of things.”

Despite hosting a popular show on national television, Miller says that he is the same fighter that he’s always been, saying, “money hasn’t changed me, everyting’s fine. I’ve been the same guy that I always was, it just so happens that more people know who I am now. You look at an interview from me five years ago, I’m pretty much the same, I just got a nicer jacket!”

This Saturday’s event will only be the fourth time that MMA has been on network television in the U.S. Miller, however, doesn’t feel any added pressure with fighting on CBS.

“I never feel pressure,” he saod. “Maybe it’s because, through my entire life, I’ve had crazy stuff happen constantly where this is really no big deal to me. I feel like I’m constantly in this state of flux.”

As for a prediction on how the fight is going to go, Miller put it as bluntly as possible, simply stating, “I am going to win.”

Miller will face Jake Shields this Saturday night at Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers live on CBS from Chicago, IL. You can watch our entire interview with Miller below: