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Brett Rogers Talks About His Ascension From Sam’s Club To CBS Main Event

In anticipation of his upcoming bout against the number one ranked mixed martial arts heavyweight in the world, Fedor “The Emperor” Emelianenko, Brett Rogers recently spoke with Dana Jacobson on “ESPN First Take” about his ascension from Sam’s Club tire technician to a CBS main-eventer.

“I’m still you know, just like the rest of everybody, except now I’m just a full time fighter,” Rogers told Ms. Jacobson, when discussing how he used to balance training, raising kids and working a full-time job. “It was kinda tough back in the day, you know trying to pull a 40-60 hour [work week] and then try[ing] to squeeze in training time. Going from that to this… it’s wonderful.”

Rogers’ breakneck ascension in the sport came in large part to his surprisingly easy knock out victory over former UFC Heavyweight Champion Andre “The Pit Bull” Arlovski. While many see Rogers as a one-hit wonder, Rogers assured Jacobs that he is out to shock the world.

“To everybody else right now, they just see me as you know, this big dude just coming from nowhere,” Rogers stated. “A lot of people wanted to know my background. So I figured after this fight, they are definitely going to know me a lot more.

“Fedor, he is highly ranked. He is number one in the world, not just the nation, in the world,” he continued. “I am confident in my abilities. I am confident that I am going to get in there and knock him out… A lot of fans are just going to be shocked.”

Despite having won all of his ten bouts before the third round, Rogers plans to take things differently in this fight.

“I’m definitely going to have to be a little more patient then any of the other fights in the past because he is definitely a patient fighter. He is not dumb at all. He is not going to be rushing anything,” explained Rogers. “I am just going in there and basically have fun. This is my first official fight. All I have to do is just train to bang. I’m confident in what I need to do and what I need to take care of.”

Some pundits have given him Rogers a puncher’s chance, most notably UFC President Dana White, who stated to Fanhouse, “You know what scares me about the Brett Rogers fight? Brett Rogers might knock him out.” Rogers, meanwhile, has no doubt about how the fight is going to go.

“I’m gonna win,” he emphatically stated. “There is no other option. It’s just win. I’m going to be the heavyweight that everyone is going to want to watch.”

Although the odds are against Rogers, this Saturday, November 7th, he will still have his chance to prevail as the “heavyweight that everyone is going to want to watch.”