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Lyoto Machida Admits That Shogun Rua Had "Good Strategy" In Their Fight

It’s been almost two weeks since the Lyoto Machida vs. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua fight at UFC 104, and the controversy surrounding the bout continues to dominate MMA headlines. While most fans feel that Rua won the battle, Machida maintains that he was superior in the bout. However, he admits that Shogun had good strategy in their bout, and plans on being better prepared in their rematch.

“Shogun definitely came in with a good strategy,” Machida admitted to Yahoo! Sports. “He used some good leg kicks and blocked some of my shots, but I felt that I was superior. He really wants this rematch because he feels that he won the fight but on my side I feel that I won the fight. A rematch will clear things up.”

Machida promises that there will be “no holes in his game” in their rematch.

“I always learn from every fight and Shogun definitely found some openings in my game, which was a good thing,” he stated. “I will learn from it and in the rematch I am going to close all those holes and show him what I am made of.”

UFC President Dana White has promised a rematch between the two, but only after Machida recovers from a hand injury that will sideline the light heavyweight champion for a few months. The rematch looks likely for the spring of 2010.