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Jason "Mayhem" Miller Says Bout With Jake Shields Has To Be His Masterpiece

November 7th is a very important day in the world of MMA for several reasons. It’s the first time MMA will be back on primetime network television since the whole Elite XC debacle last year. It’s the first time that many casual American MMA fans will be introduced to the legend of Fedor Emelianenko. And in what is being overlooked for the most part, it will be the first time that many MMA fans get a chance to see Jason “Mayhem” Miller in his natural environment, off of TV set and inside a cage. In a recent video promotion for his upcoming fight against Jake Shields, Miller talked about why this fight is the most important of his life.

“To be fighting on CBS is a huge thing for me,” Miller said. “This is the most important fight of my life. I’ve been a fighter for over a decade, but since I haven’t fought much on American soil, people only see more as a TV show host.

“I think Shields is a great opponent, but there are some glaring weaknesses in his game, most notably his striking,” he continued. “He relies on his grappling way too much. He’s not gonna be able to submit me, and he’s gonna gave a hell of time getting me to the ground. So it’s gonna turn into a kickboxing match, and I’m a better kick boxer. I think people are counting me out on the ground. But he’s not gonna be able to get me down, and if he does, he isn’t submitting me.”

Miller went on to note how seriously he took the sport, equating himself to an artist.

“I look at myself as an artist, and this fight has to be my masterpiece,” he stated. “This has to be a culmination of a decade’s worth of training and refining my craft, and I want it all to come together for this fight.”

“Mayhem” Miller will finally get his chance to introduce himself to those who don’t yet know him as a fighter when he takes on Jake Shields this Saturday night at Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers live on CBS from Chicago, IL.