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Brett Rogers Ready For Fedor, Hopes To Knock Him Out In The First Round

Brett Rogers is getting ready for the biggest fight of his life, as he faces Russian heavyweight phenom Fedor Emeliankeno in Strikeforce’s CBS debut this Saturday. The heavyweight spoke to Richa Mitchell of about his big bout this Saturday.

Richa Mitchell: How are you preparing for your fight with Fedor this Saturday?

You know what, training hard, putting in long hour days, working on my conditioning. Working on my striking, and then my jiu-jitsu. Just want to be ready, obviously Fedor has a lot of tapes that I can watch and I can figure out his strengths and weaknesses and just work my game plan. Bang and bang, and if he wants to go to the ground, get up, get out of there, and try to knock him out.

Richa Mitchell: How do you expect the fight to go?

I expect the fight to end within the first round, knock him out of course. Obviously he’s going to come out there and want to wrap his hands around me, and I just got to keep him off, keep him away, work my combinations and go for the kill.

Richa Mitchell: Dana White recently mocked you a little bit in recent interviews, but admitted that you have a chance of pulling off an upset. What are your thoughts about his comments?

Wow, I’m shocked to hear that. I thought he wanted me to lose so that he could pull Fedor. Hey, I mean, it’s like this, you know. I really don’t care what he thinks, but I guess I’ll take it as a compliment because I mean, you know, I’m always in it to win it. I’m definitely not one of those guys who just get in the cage and just get a check. I’m always in it to win it. I want the title. And let everybody know that I’m going to be the best of the best heavyweights.

Richa Mitchell: What were your thoughts when you heard that you were Fedor’s first opponent in Strikeforce?

It is a huge fight. The thought that went through my head was wow. . . should I be fighting him now or should I be waiting? I think sitting down and chatting with my team and my coaches, you know, now is just the perfect opportunity. I believe in myself and my abilities and Fedor has lots of holes in his game. So, like I said, I’ve been training hard and hopefully I can capitalize off his mistakes.

Richa Mitchell: Who else would you like to fight?

Anybody that’s anybody. Like I said, I want to fight the best because that’s the only way I can be the best. Anybody that’s above me, you know what I mean. Because I feel that I am the best heavyweight out there, all I need is a name and a date and it’s gonna be on and poppin’.

Richa Mitchell: Do you have any final comments for the readers of

Yeah, just let everybody know I’m coming to win it. Fedor has nothing on me.

Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers will be taking place inside the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. The show will be the first of a multi-event deal between Strikeforce and CBS.