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Dana White Discusses Hendo, Rampage, Liddell, And More

It’s been a busy couple weeks for the UFC and especially for the man that makes things tick for the world’s biggest MMA promotion, Dana White. In a recent interview with MMA Connected, White spoke about various topics that has the MMA industry buzzing including Dan Henderson, Griffin vs. Ortiz, Rampage and more.

White on the contract negotiations (or lack thereof) with Dan Henderson:

“Dan and I have come to a stalemate in his contract negotiations,” White said of the I like Dan, I consider him a friend. But this is business. We offered him a very good contract that is more than fair and very respectable for everything he’s accomplished in this sport and I guarantee you nobody else can pay him what we offered him, but he wants more. At the end of the day, he has to do what he as to do for his business and I have to do what I have to for mine.

On the new main event for UFC 106, Forrest Griffin vs. Tito Ortiz:

I think it’s a great fight; I’m excited for that fight. The great thing about this is, when fights fall off, sometimes we make better fights. And that’s the case here. Forrest is focused, he’s fired up, and he’s training very hard for this fight. He’ll be ready.

On the prospects of potentially having Lyoto Machida take on Brock Lesnar:

He’d [Machida] would have to clean out the light heavyweight division and Brock would have to clean out the heavyweight division before I’d ever consider that.

On Chuck Liddell’s future:

I’m putting together a proposal for him right now and we’ll talk here in a couple weeks. Chuck will always be with me; it’s just whether or not he’ll be fighting.

On the turbulent situation with Rampage Jackson:

Mine and Rampage’s relationship is not great right now. I’m very disappointed with him. We’ve done a lot for him off camera and on camera over the years. I’m disgusted with the ways he’s acting right now.

On GSP’s future:

I think GSP is on track and he should be back for Super Bowl weekend.

On what’s next for Kimbo Slice:

The great thing about the Ultimate Fighter show is that it isn’t over until it’s over, keep watching and you’ll see what happens with Kimbo Slice.

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