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Dan Henderson Is Willing To Leave The UFC

It seems the price is not right for UFC middleweight Dan Henderson, who maintains that the UFC is not offering him enough to return and fight with the organization.

“I just feel that I am worth a little more than what they are offering,” Henderson recently told “You gotta consider that I have been in this sport a long time and done a lot for this sport. Obviously I wouldn’t be out there asking for what I am asking for if I was just out there losing all my fights.”

UFC President Dana White recently stated that Henderson had been offered a great deal by the organization, one that no one else will be able to match, however he still wants more.

“He would like to think that is true, I disagree,” Henderson responded. “I feel like I am worth more than what they are offering. I don’t feel like I am asking for way too much – I know they have signed other deals that are lot more than what I am asking for.

“I feel like I have been doing well but I am not early in my career and I need to start considering the endgame and I need to be paid towards the end of my career,” he said. “So yes, I would be willing to leave the UFC. But again, I appreciate their position and there are no hard feelings at all. Its just the way it is.”

Henderson was disappointed that Vitor Belfort was offered a title shot against UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, a fight Hendo thinks should have been offered to him.

“Vitor is a good guy, but he has one fight at 185 in the UFC and he gets a title shot,” he stated. “It is frustrating, I would have to like to have had him at least work up to that.”

The 39-year old feels that either Nate Marquardt or himself should have gotten the shot at the middleweight champion. But for now, the fighter finds himself potentially off of the UFC roster.

“I am not sitting here stressing about being unemployed,” he admitted. “I know I have quite a bit of value for a promoter – and I will be employed soon.”