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Exclusive Interview Pt 2: Shane Carwin Talks Similarities With Lesnar, Fedor & More

It’s been a crazy week for Shane Carwin. Yesterday, he learned that the man he will be facing at UFC 106 for the UFC heavyweight championship, Brock Lesnar, would have to withdraw from the bout due to illness. Carwin spoke with Raj Giri of late last week, and we followed up with him yesterday about Lesnar’s departure. In part one of our exclusive interview with Shane Carwin, he talked about his feelings about his UFC 106 fight with Brock Lesnar being postponed, how he got his start, Lesnar’s comments about his collegiate career and more. You can read part one of the interview by clicking here. In part two of the interview below, Carwin talks about the bad blood between he and Lesnar, their similarities, his comments and feelings towards Fedor Emelianenko, who he feels would win a bout between Fedor and Lesnar and more.

Raj Giri: You recently stated that Lesnar was a “draw”, while you’re a “fighter”. How do you feel about Lesnar, the fighter? What do you feel are his strengths and weaknesses?

Shane Carwin: Brock is a talented athlete, which makes him dangerous. I think he has a lot of size and power to go along with the size. That being said, he is also very fast. He is exactly what the future of the UFC heavyweight division will be all about. Guys that are elite athletes, have a ton of size and have to cut down to make weight, and can perform at the highest level. If he has one weakness, it is that he doesn’t respect the sport or his opponents.

Raj Giri: Many people have compared you to Lesnar. What do you feel are the major similarities and differences between you two? Do you consider yourself more well-rounded as a mixed martial artist than Lesnar?

Shane Carwin: I have more experience than Brock, I am sure he will admit that. Like I said, he is the type of heavyweight that will make up the UFC over the next few years. Guys like Todd Duffee, Brendan Schaub, Dos Santos and more are all elite athletes with a ton of size and power.

Raj Giri: You’ve never had a fight go past the first round. As a matter of fact, the longest fight you’ve ever had has been 2:11. How confident are you that you’d be able to last five five-minute rounds if you need to?

Shane Carwin: I did five rounders all the time for title fights at Grudge. We expect a war, and prepare for a war. I have yet to really settle in and warm up in a fight. I would love the opportunity to go longer and really test the training, but I just have not faced anyone that shares that plan.

Raj Giri: What are you weighing right now? Were you cutting weight, as Lesnar often does, for the fight?

Shane Carwin: I started my camp at about 290 and I am in the 270 range right now. I will have to cut to make weight, but my team at Max Muscle have me on a great Nutrition Plan and I am feeling great.

Raj Giri: You’ve caught some flack from the internet community for your comments directed to Fedor Emelianenko, saying that he has been fed opponents. Do you feel that’s why he didn’t sign with the UFC? What are your overall thoughts on Fedor?

Shane Carwin: I didn’t say that Fedor was fed opponents. What I said was his handlers are putting him in risky situations. You would be hard pressed to find any MMA fighter that would not have Fedor as their number 1 or 2 best fighters EVER in MMA. When you put the best fighter in the world on shows that draw a lot less then the UFC, you risk the legacy that Fedor has built if and when he loses. We are all beatable and sometimes you can have clearly won and still lost on the judges scorecard. It’s not too different then putting Hagler in with Sugar Ray, it wasn’t like Sugar Ray could have finished Hagler and the risk was the guy with all the hype could dazzle the crowd and get the win. I am not disrespecting Fedor, I am just saying the elite heavyweights are in the UFC.

My comments were in response to Strikeforce’s comments that the UFC does not have any good heavyweights. Guys like Brock, Nog, Couture, Mir, Dos Santos and Kongo says they are incorrect in those statements.

Raj Giri: While we’re talking about Fedor, one fight that Dana White was trying to make was Fedor vs. Lesnar, before Fedor ended up signing with Strikeforce. How do you think a fight between the two would have went?

Shane Carwin: I think that Fedor would beat Brock.

Raj Giri: It’s been reported lately that Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira may face the winner of your fight with Lesnar. Is that a fight you would look forward to?

Shane Carwin: Absolutely, the guy is a legend and has earned his place at the top.

Raj Giri: Who are some other heavyweights you would like to face?

Shane Carwin: Anyone they can put in front of me, I enjoy fighting and would be honored to fight any of the heavyweights.

Raj Giri: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Do you have any final comments or plugs for the readers of

Shane Carwin: Thank you. Check out my website at, and a special thanks to Beaver Buzz, Max Muscle, and Warrior Wear.