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Dana White Worried That Brett Rogers Will Knock Out Fedor Emelianenko

UFC President Dana White may not think that Brett Rogers is tough competition for Emelianenko, but he still thinks that Rogers may knock the Russian heavyweight out. White recently called the upcoming Nov. 7 Fedor vs. Brett Rogers bout a “terrible fight”, and thinks that Fedor should be fighting UFC Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar instead.

“You know what scares me about the Brett Rogers fight? Brett Rogers might knock him out,” White recently said during an interview with Fanhouse.

“I just think it’s terrible, I think that Fedor should be fighting Brock [Lesnar], that’s what I think,” the UFC President admitted. “That’s the fight that should be happening. If the media and fans and anybody, anybody has the perception that this guy’s the best fighter in the world, he should be fighting the other best fighter in the world.”

White also managed to slip in a few jabs at Emelianenko’s conditioning.

“[Fedor] isn’t getting any younger, he hasn’t really been that active, he’s not the most physically fit guy you’ll ever see, and this guy Brett Rogers could end up clipping him, and then what does that mean?,” he asked. “Is Brett Rogers the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world then? That’s probably where [the media] would put him at!”

You can watch the full interview with White below: