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Mauricio "Shogun" Rua Admits To Not Pulling The Trigger Against Lyoto Machida

While many MMA fans today are blaming the judges of last night’s UFC 104 main event between UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida and Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua for Shogun not being the UFC light heavyweight champion today, Shogun may have to place some of the blame on himself and his corner. The PRIDE 2005 Middleweight Grand Prix winner admitted during last night’s UFC 104 post-fight press conference that he stopped pressing the action because he felt that he was winning the fight.

“I just didn’t press the action so much because I was winning, so there was no reason to take risks,” Shogun admitted. “My corner was telling me that I was doing good and winning the rounds, so that got me more motivated, more comfortable and relaxed.”

Despite not pressing the action in the championship rounds, Shogun still felt that he took the last three rounds, stating, “I think I won the last three rounds of the fight, and that’s my opinion.”

Shogun noted that Machida pegged him with a couple of shots, but none of them shook him up.

“I felt him connecting with a couple of strikes, but not to a point where I got shook up,” he stated. “I felt that he connected, but it didn’t really get me stunned.”

UFC President Dana White admitted that he thought Shogun won the fight, and said that both men have agreed to a rematch, which would probably be the next fight for both men. Shogun stated that even after fighting the champion for 25 minutes last night, he would train the same way for a rematch.

“I trained very hard for this fight,” he explained. “For a rematch, I think I’d train the same way. For my fights, I always try to train hard and in the same way.”