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Dana White Calls TUF 10 Cast Crybabies, Roy Nelson A Moron

There’s been a lot of talk recently about some “special treatment” that Kimbo Slice may have been given during his time on The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights show, and UFC President Dana White isn’t too happy about it. During his press conference for UFC 104, White addressed the issue with his usual fervor.

“That’s bulls**t,” White said speaking to the claim made by some of the other fighters on the show that Kimbo had his entourage, including his wife and kids, at his fight. “His wife and kids were never there. His manager was there.

“Let me tell you what, I’ve never seen such f**king crybabies in my entire life as the heavyweights. It’s unbelievable. The only difference with Kimbo and the other guys on the show was that if Kimbo made it to the UFC, his contract would be bigger than the others.”

White later turned his attention to Roy Nelson and his assertion that Slice was given his own media to make personal phone calls throughout the show.

“Roy Nelson is a moron,” he bluntly stated. “He’s an idiot. The guy really is that dumb. Never once did Kimbo use the phone to call anybody. And you’ll actually see later on as the show progresses, there’s a situation that happens where I have to get on the phone, and then I put him on the phone. He didn’t get any special privileges. Roy Nelson is a moron. Interview him sometime, you’ll find out. Roy Nelson is an idiot, he’s a complete jack**s.”

Dana closed out the interview by making one final point, and it was a pretty good one. “He didn’t get any special privileges, and if he did, I’d f**king tell you. I’d go, your damn right we gave him special privileges, we pulled 7 million viewers with him!”