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Spencer Fisher Upset With Joe Stevenson Over Recent Comments

With their lightweight showdown just hours away, Spencer Fisher has just located some bulletin board material that should add a little extra oomph to his punches on Saturday. Apparently, Fisher’s ticked because he caught Joe Stevenson popping-off about schooling him at UFC 104.

“I just saw what he wrote about me and I am going to punch him in the face for that, plain and simple,” Fisher said during this week’s media work out. “He’s not going to stand with me. He’s going to try to pitter-pat with karate punches and then dive for my shoelaces.”

Apparently, Stevenson told a media outlet that he was not only going to leave the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA with his hand raised, but he’s going to thoroughly dominate their matchup, no matter where the scrap ended up.

In addition, Joe Daddy said that he has harbored quite a bit of animosity towards Fisher for years and is thankful that he is finally allowed to relieve his frustrations.

Interesting, if not surprising, news to the 33-year old MMA vet.

“I never had any problem with him, but now he adds a little fuel to the fire. Maybe it’s just to get in my head, to get me aggressive toward him,” said Fisher. “Whatever the case is, I am going to go out there and hit him in the face every time I get a chance.”