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Randy Couture Sees Former Rival Chuck Liddell In Brandon Vera

When Randy “The Natural” Couture makes his first return to the UFC’s light heavyweight division since 2006 at UFC 105, he will be doing so against an opponent that is fifteen years younger, and that reminds him an awful lot of his old rival Chuck Liddell.

“He’s what I would call a strategic fighter. He changes leads a lot, tries to draw you in, not unlike what Chuck [Liddell] used to do,” Couture recently said on Inside MMA. “He likes to play the possum game, to draw you in and land that one punch or one kick that’ll hurt you. He’s probably gonna try to run and gun, keep his range, and he’s pretty effective at it.”

Speaking to the huge age discrepancy, Couture not so surprisingly thought nothing of it.

“I don’t think it means a thing,” he stated. “I think I’m the best fighter I’ve ever been. I’m continuing to progress and add new skills to my repertoire. Age isn’t a factor.”

Lastly, “The Natural” shed some light on his game plan for the fight. “I need to hunt him down and cut him off. I gotta close to distance and get my hands on him. I also have to effectively counter. I need to force Brandon to wrestle with me every minute of this fight.”

You can watch the entire interview with Couture below. Randy Couture and Brandon Vera will square off in the main event at UFC 105 on November 14th in Manchester, England.