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UFC Willing To Sell Minority Stake In Company

Considering that the UFC is one of the only sports organizations still growing during these rough economic times, most were shocked to discover that the UFC might be interested in selling off a portion of their billion-dollar business.

When asked recently by Bloomberg TV if MMA’s monopoly would ever consider jumping ship to the highest bidder, president Dana White responded by stating they would always consider their options.

“That’s a possibility, but for what we value this thing at you’d have to find somebody with a lot of cash laying around, who wants to come into this business (to) get a piece of it and just kind of sit over there and not tell us what to do,” White responded.

Ok, so that clears up quite a bit. Just like every other company in the world, what the UFC is actually looking for are silent investors. Now that they are running things, they would like for you to fork over your millions of stacks and let them do with it what they wish, something that isn’t a completely bad idea considering what has taken place thus far under their reign.

According to Bloomberg, the UFC would be willing to sell a minority stake in the promotion, somewhere around 10-15% which could amount to around $100 million dollars.