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Pro Boxer Bernard Hopkins Compares MMA To ‘Gay Porno’

You can add Bernard Hopkins to the growing list of MMA haters. The brash boxer recently compared the sport of mixed martial arts to “gay porno,” and expressed how dumbfounded he is that fans are willingly paying their hard-earned cheddar to see two men rolling around on the floor together. WOW!

“Everybody is different. I don’t want to watch two grown men wrestling with panties on. I’m from the hood, we don’t play that,” Hopkins told “To me, I’m not buying a ticket to watch two grown men with panties on, sweating, [with] nuts in their face.

“That’s not me. To compare that to boxing is ludicrous. It’s a porno. It’s an entertainment porno. I’m not wrestling a guy with panties on and his nuts in my face, and they call that a sport.”

The 44-year old boxer continued his rant, stating that he was surprised that men – not women – attend MMA events.

“I’m not criticizing people for what kind of entertainment they like,” Hopkins added. “I think most of those people have chains and masks in their closets. There is something out there for everybody. I can understand if 90% of women were going to those things but I can’t understand a grown man sitting there with a couple of guys watching two grown men with panties on, sweating. That’s just my opinion. It’s not a good look.”