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Anderson Silva Verbally Agrees To Bout With Vitor Belfort At UFC 108

We reported last week that Vitor Belfort had publicly agreed to fight UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva at UFC 108 in January. It didn’t take the champion long to accept the challenge.

“I don’t think, I’m sure he wouldn’t fight me standing,” Silva said of Vitor’s gameplan for the fight to Sensei SporTV in Brazil. “Nobody would exchange hits with me. To him, it seems illogical for anyone to want to compete with him in stand up. If I went to face someone from jiu-jitsu, I wouldn’t go to the floor,” he explains.

Silva went on to note that he still has some years left in the game, despite his family wanting him to retire.

“My family wants me retired, the sooner the better,” Silva explained. “But I don’t know whether I would be happy if I got retired now.”