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Dana White Hopes Fedor Doesn’t Get Knocked Out By Brett Rogers

Fedor Emelianenko is receiving support from an unlikely source in his upcoming fight against Brett Rogers – UFC President Dana White. White stated that he still hopes the Russian heavyweight fights in the UFC one day with an untarnished record.

“The reality is, I hope that Buck (Brett) Rogers doesn’t knock him out,” White admitted. “Because I want to get Fedor in the UFC, I want to see him fight Brock Lesnar.”

White attempted to sign Fedor in late July while the fighter was a free agent, but Fedor opted to sign with Strikeforce instead. White holds out hope that he will join the UFC in the future. However, he thinks Fedor may receive his first KO loss at the hands of Rogers.

“He’s fighting a dangerous guy,” White noted. “I don’t think he’s (Fedor) that good, I think he’s overrated and I think he might get knocked out.”

Fedor vs. Brett Rogers will air on CBS on November 7. You can watch the full interview with White below: