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Kimbo Slice Denies Ducking Seth Petruzelli, Welcomes A Rematch

Kimbo Slice may finally silence his critics with tomorrow’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter, when the Bahamian-American fighter faces former IFL heavyweight champion Roy “Big Country” Nelson. Slice hasn’t fought since last October, when he took on former TUF contender Seth Petruzelli. Petruzelli was the underdog in the fight, but walked away the winner, defeating Slice via TKO in 14 seconds of the first round. Petruzelli has since stated that Kimbo has been ducking him for a rematch.

“There were 3 times that we could have fought after the elite show for you to get a rematch, but you declined all 3 times,” Petruzelli wrote on a post on The Underground. “Now you go on ESPN making excuses, saying the only reason you lost was that it was sprung on you the last minute and that you can beat me with one hand behind your back!!!! you can go F yourself . . . maybe now that the UFC is having me back we will see for sure.”

During yesterday’s media call, Slice responded to Petruzelli’s allegations, stating that “no one ever approached me with no rematch with Seth, and I never turned that sh– down. That right there is B.S., bullsh–. It didn’t happen.

“Seth needs to careful now because we both live in the same backyard, and I know that little sissy ice cream shop he got and I could walk in there at any given time and go, ‘Yo, what’s up, man?’”

Petruzelli’s allegations were news to Slice, who said that this was the first time he had heard it.

“I’m thinking I’ve got no reason to shut up this guy because he hasn’t been talking [expletive],” Slice said. “But since you’re the first one that’s told me that this man has posted up something saying that I’ve denied a rematch with him three times – come on, man. Are you for real?

“It ain’t personal,” he continued. “It’s just the fact that it’s bullshit. No one ever said, ‘Hey Kimbo, do you want to rematch Seth?’ and I was like, ‘No.’ I’ve never said no to nothing. Not like that. Not to him.”

Kimbo went on to state that he welcomes a rematch with Petruzelli, and even offered to do the fight “bare-knuckle style.”

“If Seth signed with the UFC, and if Dana [White] and them want to match it up, damn right I’ll run it again with him. We don’t even need to do it in a ring. We can do it bare-knuckle style because I don’t like liars. I’ve never turned down a rematch with anybody. Anyone I fought, I’ll fight them again.”

Kimbo’s first – and possibly only – fight on The Ultimate Fighter takes place this Wednesday night on Spike TV.