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Kimbo Slice Talks About His Fight With Roy Nelson This Wednesday

On the heels of what is likely to be the most-watched episode of The Ultimate Fighter in history, Kimbo Slice addressed the media during a conference call today and talked about his big fight with Roy “Big Country” Nelson this Wednesday.

“I knew a little bit of Roy from the IFL,” Slice stated. “I saw him when he fought Big Ben, Ben Rothwell. I saw when he fought [Andrei] Arlovski. I knew he was game and he was a fighter.”

While the fight was taped in June, cast members have remained mum about the bout’s outcome. Slice obviously wouldn’t reveal how the fight went down, but did admit that it was an exciting contest.

“This fight is very exciting,” he admitted. “This is probably, I would say, not hands down, but pound-for-pound a good fight, one of my best fights . . . I was impressed with my performance. I was impressed with everything. I’m not crying about nothing.”

Slice did say that IF he had to lose, he’d rather lose to a fighter with a big name like Nelson, saying “if I have lose a fight, I’d rather lose to a guy like that, or someone with a big name, because it just makes sense to have two big names go at it head-to-head.

“That’s cool that it’s happening right now,” he continued. “It gets it out of the way and (for the rest) of the duration of the show, people get to see how I react and interact with others after a fight and it’s in the middle of the season, so it worked out perfectly.”

Kimbo’s first – and possibly only – fight on The Ultimate Fighter takes place this Wednesday night on Spike TV.