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Quinton "Rampage" Jackson Blasts Rashad Evans Once Again

Despite publicly announcing his retirement from the UFC earlier this week, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson continues to rant against his UFC 107 would-be opponent, Rashad Evans. Earlier this week, Jackson had stated on his blog that he would “gladly meet him [Evans] at any gym & fight him just to shut his mouth up.” Despite Evans being relatively civil in his comments towards Jackson in interviews with Cagewriter and Fanhouse, Jackson once again blasted Evans on his blog.

“[Rashad] is probably happy as hell that I took this movie instead of whoopin’ his ass and he’s trying to play it up like he’s not,” Jackson stated, responding to Evans’ comments that he’s disappointed the proposed fight won’t be taking place.

“That’s all he is, he’s all talk. I did a show with the guy for six weeks, I know what he is,” Jackson continued. “He’s all talk, it’s all show. If there wasn’t cameras or stuff around or nobody to grab his ass he wouldn’t do half the things that he did. Now he’s talking all hard, like he’s gonna hit me in the face? All he’s doing is really pissing me off more and more. I will go to Rashad’s house, knock on his door, drag his ugly ass out into the yard, let him play with his nipples first and knock him the f*** out.”

Jackson also went on to respond to Evans’ comments to Cagewriter that he would “would have loved to punch him [Jackson] in the face for free.”

“Like Rashad says, we’ll do the fight for free,” Jackson retorted. “I want him to put his money where his mouth is so I can knock his teeth out and give him some change. The boy needs a change. His mouth is too big but he ain’t nothing. The boy ain’t fought the people I’ve fought, he ain’t got the experience I’ve got. He’s barking up the wrong tree so he’s gonna get pissed on for real.”

Unfortunately, unless Jackson changes his mind about his retirement, Jackson’s rants continue to promote a fight that fans may never be able to see.