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Dana White Slams Strikeforce For Signing Herschel Walker

Never one to choose he words carefully, especially when discussing the UFC’s competitors, UFC President Dana White recently shared his thoughtful opinion on Strikeforce’s acquisition of former NFL star Herschel Walker, and it wasn’t pretty.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” White stated during an interview on Inside The Ultimate Fighter. “People think we’re anti-competition? We’re anti-dumb competition. Doing stupid things like this, putting a 50 year old guy in the Octagon for the first time, and then going out there putting out press releases like it’s a big deal because you signed a 50-year-old Herschel Walker? Are you serious?”

White went on to vent about Strikeforce, saying that “Strikeforce is a small, little, regional show. The geniuses over at Showtime, these guys are the most arrogant, pompous, cocky jackasses I’ve ever met in my whole life!”

White also went on to wonder what athletic commission would license a fight with the 47-year old Walker.

“Which athletic commission is going to let this guy fight?,” White asked. “Who the f**k are they going to find to fight Herschel Walker? A guy in a wheelchair?

“It’s completely disrespectful to the sport.”