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Quinton "Rampage" Jackson And Dana White Bury The Hatchet

Fans can currently catch Quinton “Rampage” Jackson on the small screen on The Ultimate Fighter Wednesday nights on Spike, and on the big screen next summer when the former UFC light heavyweight champion takes on the role of B.A. Barcus in the new The A-Team movie.

Rampage’s plans for Hollywood were not music to the ears of UFC President Dana White, who recently bashed Rampage for backing out of his fight against Rashad Evans at UFC 107 due to his conflicting movie production schedule. But now, White says the two are back to good, even though he is still is upset with Rampage’s decision to back out of the fight to go Hollywood.

“We kind of made up,” White stated during the UFC 103 post-fight press conference. “We’re going to figure it out. [Jackson] wants the Rashad fight. He’s in Vancouver doing this movie. It is what it is. Now we just have to figure out when. We’ll see what happens.”

Rampage is one of many fighters who are making the transition from the UFC to Hollywood. Fans can catch Chuck Liddell on this season of Dancing With The Stars, and former UFC Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin recently filmed the movie Cyborg Soldier.

“Hollywood is a pain in my ass sometimes,” White admitted. “The reality is that you get these Hollywood agents that start talking all this smack about what these guys are going to get, and these Hollywood agents deliver about four percent of what they’re talking. They usually don’t deliver.”

Like it or not, White will have to wait for production to wrap on the A-Team before Rampage can step into the cage to take on Evans, which may be as late as spring 2010.

“[Filming of ‘The A-Team’] was supposed to be done right around December,” White noted. “Now [Jackson] is saying that they have makeup dates and stuff like that, so he couldn’t even fight in February.”

White’s biggest beef with Rampage’s decision to accept the movie role stemmed from his perceived commitment from the fighter to battle Rashad Evans at the end of the TUF 10 season.

“‘Rampage’ is an active fighter that took that spot on The Ultimate Fighter, and he can say he did it for me or whatever, but there was a commitment there to fight at the end of the show,” White said. “He could have fought in that fight and went and did seven movies for all I care. He could have took four years off and did whatever he wanted to do. He was obligated to take that fight.

“We put him on the show. Rashad went on the show, and Rashad is sitting on the sidelines. It affected a lot of different things.”

For now, fans will have to wait for Rampage vs. Rashad, but can catch the former light-heavyweight champion on The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 Wednesday nights on Spike TV.