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Brock Lesnar And His Camp Talk Training For Shane Carwin At UFC 106

In anticipation for his first UFC Heavyweight title defense against Shane Carwin at UFC 106 on November 21st, Brock Lesnar and one of his sponsors, Dymatize, recently released a promotional video featuring Lesnar and his trainers preparing for the main event showdown. Lesnar talked about his fight with Carwin, and noted that he’s already in great shape for the fight.

“I’m not gonna get in much better shape than I’m in right now,” Lesnar stated. “So we just need to stay there, maintain, and just pull things together. I’m kinda like a caged animal waiting to kill a bird.”

Lance Anderson, one of Brock’s sparring partners, seems to think that there is no way Lesnar can lose, noting, “I think Brock is too powerful, he’s training too hard, his conditioning is too good, his jiu jitsu is good, he’s striking good. No matter where the fight ends up, Brock will take him down and pound him out.”

Marty Morgan, one of Lesnar’s trainers is feeling kind of confident as well, stating, “There’s not an inch of doubt in my mind, Brock Lesnar is gonna win this fight.”

Brock’s head trainer, Greg Nelson, also appears to be supremely confident in his prized pupil, though his opinions are a bit tamer than the rest of Lesnar’s camp.

“His ability to defend jiu jitsu and utilize the ground is at a much higher level,” Nelson said. “I think that just the fact that he’s an overall better athlete who now is technical will give him the edge.”

And of course, Brock Lesnar himself feels pretty good about his chances at retaining the belt.

“I feel good,” Lesnar stated. “I feel grounded and calm. I’m not nervous. I get nervous about three to four weeks out from the fight. But right now, I feel good about what we’ve done and I’m confident.”