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Phillipe Nover Says His Health Is Great And He’ll Be Back To Fight

After Wednesday’s startling announcement that former “The Ultimate Fighter” alum Phillipe Nover had suffered an apparent seizure prior to his scheduled “UFC Fight Night 19″ bout with Sam Stout, Nover took the time to update his status on his blog.

“I’ll start off by saying there’s nothing to worry about at this time. My health is great,” Nover confirmed. “The only thing abnormal is my blood sugar being high. But that could be from eating so much in the last 24 hrs after the weigh-ins.”

According to Nover, he only had to cut around 8-9 lbs. due to his strict dieting during training. Many fighters cut much more weight than that on a routine basis, however when you’re at lightweight, there isn’t as much room for error.

Following Nover’s seizure, the UFC was forced to remove the bout from last night’s card. Nover is hopeful that the UFC will re-book his bout with Stout after he gets his health squared away.

“My health is my only concern. I know I’ll be back to fight. I’m still looking forward to the fight with Stout,” the Filipino fighter said.