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Edith Labelle Talks UFC Firing

As reported last month, former UFC Octagon girl Edith Labelle was fired from the organization shortly after UFC 100. For the first time, Labelle is speaking out about what cost her the imperative duties of notifying the fans what Round is about to start.

“After the UFC Expo and (UFC 100) weigh-ins, I went to dinner,” Labelle told AOL FanHouse. “Then I attended some of the pre-parties with some of the UFC management, some of the Octagon girls, some of the fighters. And then I started to feel ill. I wasn’t feeling good, so I decided to go to bed. I really wanted to be in good shape for the next day, obviously. Then I started to feel worse throughout the night and the next day.”

Rumors have circulated that Labelle was partying it up on UFC 100 eve and was too hung-over to fulfill her sign carrying responsibilities, disappointing ring girl fans worldwide.

However, Labelle denies those claims and says that she was feeling icky due to food poisoning. A case so severe it caused her to miss the most highly anticipated MMA show in history, however not bad enough to request the assistance of a doctor.

She states that when she notified the UFC of the matter, they told her to stay in her hotel room and not come to the show.

The UFC has not made an official comment about her firing, and don’t hold your breath for one. In fact, they have already replaced Edith with Natasha Wicks.

Thankfully, Labelle stated that she holds no ill feelings toward the UFC, and that she is going to give acting a-go.