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Clay Guida Thinks Couture vs. Nogueira Tops His Fight With Diego Sanchez

Despite having the fight of the night with Diego Sanchez at The Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale last June, Clay Guida believes last week’s bout between Randy Couture and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 102 is the fight of the year so far. This past Friday night on Inside MMA, hosts Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten told Guida, who was on the panel, that his fight with Sanchez is the front runner for fight of the year so far. Guida was thankful for the compliment, but disagreed with the hosts.

“I appreciate it guys,” Guida said. “But I’ve got to give that one to the main event from [UFC] 102, Nogueira and Couture, two of my favorite fighters. I think that was one one of the best fights of the year, by far.”

The bout between Guida and Sanchez was UFC’s fight of the year so far when they released their unofficial half-year awards last July. Guida noted that it was a great fight, and thanked his opponent for the fight being so great.

“Without Diego, the fight doesn’t happen,” Guida gracefully stated. “I give him all the credit in the world too.”

Rice noted the sportsmanship the two displayed after the fight, to which Guida noted, “And everyone saw that it was one of the craziest staredowns ever! I remember right before the fight started (during the staredown) his mouthguard flew out, and I said ‘You might need that later!’ Before you know it, thirty seconds into the fight, he knocked my mouthguard out!

“I think there was a blurb in ESPN Magazine about how many strikes were thrown in the thirty second flurry that we had,” he continued. “He landed 90% of the forty punches that he threw, I think I landed twenty. It was just a furious pace. It was one of those, you put two dogs in a cage, when of them is going to come out bleeding. Unfortunately I lost a very close split decision and I was covered in blood from head to toe, but it was one of those fights that the fans wanted more and more.”

Diego Sanchez came out of the bout with a split decision victory, and a title shot against UFC lightweight champion BJ Penn this December.