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Nate Marquardt Talks About Lashley, Carwin’s Chances Against Lesnar & More

Despite riding high with his quick knockout victory over Demian Maia at UFC 102 last weekend, Nathan Marquardt took a moment out of his time to talk to Jonathan Snowden of about teammate Shane Carwin’s upcoming fight at UFC 106 with Brock Lesnar. Marquardt noted that he thinks that it will be a great fight, and people should be careful in underestimating the undefeated Carwin.

“People have seen so little of Shane,” Marquardt noted. “His cardio has been called into question and his resiliance. But that’s just because he finishes guys so fast. What they don’t know is that this guy is an endurance machine. He can go for days and he has power until the last second. That’s knockout power. He’s got great wrestling and was a national champion. He moves well on his feet and has a lot of boxing experience. And he has the hardest ground and pound, the hardest punch of any kind that I’ve ever seen. The guy can hit you with a half speed punch and just completely rock you. The guy touches you and he’s going to knock you out.”

Marquardt stayed on the subject of heavyweights, and talked about former teammate Bobby Lashley. Lashley, a former WWE superstar, recently signed with pro wrestling outfit TNA and announced his intentions on competing in MMA and pro wrestling concurrently. Marquardt feels that Lashley is nowhere near the caliber of Carwin and admitted to writing him off.

“I’ve trained with Bobby a couple of times and for some reason he doesn’t have a loyalty to our team,” Marquardt said. “I’ve kind of written him off. I’m loyal to my guys.”

As for Marquardt, while he is eyeballing a rematch with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, he stated at the UFC 102 post-fight press conference that he will be excited for whomever he is booked to face next.

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