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UFC’s Newest Octogon Girl Talks About Her New Job & Favorite Fighter

UFC fans were introduced to the newest Octogon Girl at UFC 101 – Las Vegas’ own Natasha Wicks. The 5’2” beauty made her debut at the event and recently talked to FanHouse of her newfound fame.

“The highlight was the first time I got to walk around. I instantly received text messages and calls from everybody, ‘Oh my gosh!’ Like people that hadn’t known already and people that knew; everyone was really excited,” she stated. “But for me, it was such an honor; I was so excited. It definitely became real at that moment. The whole trip was just the highlight.”

Maxim Magazine held a search to find the UFC’s newest Octogon Girl earlier this summer. Wicks beat out a slew of hopefuls and emerged the big winner.

“I remember thinking the whole time, I’m having fun. If I win this, great, if I don’t, something else will happen in my life.”

Wicks did win and say’s she surprised by the instant attention she’s been getting from UFC fans.

“It was funny to hear people just scream my name. That was just like, Wow, this is crazy. People instantly — even us going to dinner afterwards — there were just a line of people that wanted to take pictures with us, wanted us to sign their magazines and stuff.”

But even with all of the attention, Wicks remains grounded. The petite blonde says she still works two other jobs – one as a go-go dancer in a Vegas nightclub, the other as a golf caddy.

“I’m actually really bad at golf. It’s like the one thing I can’t pick up. I can pretty much pick up anything. Usually if I try something, I’m usually extremely competitive, and I like to try new things. But golf for some reason, for me, it’s just like I have goofy arm or something. I feel awkward-looking. I’m just impressed when people hit it. I’m like, ‘Wow, good job!’ So I’m probably even a better caddy, just because every time they even just hit the ball, I’m so impressed.”

Wick’s is also impressed by UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St- Pierre, whom she calls “handsome.”

“He was at UFC 101, and had that front row seat, wearing his nice little suit, looking very nice, very handsome,” she confessed.

For more on Natasha Wicks, keep an eye out for the October edition of Maxim Magazine. You can check out some pictures from her Maxim photoshoot at the magazine’s website by clicking here.