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Frank Mir Talks Brock Lesnar, Religion & His Favorite Fighters In The UFC

Hundreds of fans recently packed the Naturally Fit Gym in Fredericton, Canada to meet UFC heavyweight Frank Mir. The former UFC heavyweight champion was there to promote the Nutra-Bolics supplement line and to meet the Canadian fans who help make him one of the most beloved fighters in the UFC.

Mir took time to speak with the local media as well, and talked philosophy and strategy with the reporters. One of the issues brought up first was his devastating loss to Brock Lesnar at UFC 100.

“I guess I better get used to being in the gym because I am going to have to put on some serious time with the weights to gain the size I’ll need for a rematch with Brock Lesnar,” Mir stated to The Daily Gleaner. “My last fight showed me that strength matters, so I’m starting to hit the weights, something I haven’t done since high school.”

Mir admitted that he has a dislike for weight lifting, as well as cardio and dieting. But he acknowledges he needs to get better in those areas if he’s going to win against Lesnar in a rematch.

“I definitely see myself fighting a third fight with Lesnar, but hopefully it will take place in more than a year’s time because I need to add 20-30 pounds of muscle for that fight.”

The 6’3″ 255-pound fighter said he is watching UFC welterweight champion George St-Pierre to help evolve his own game.

“I’ve learned a lot from what I’ve seen from Georges St.Pierre and from a brief conversation I had with him,” said Mir. “People say ‘wow, what an athlete’ but they have no idea that he is so smart and so scientific about fighting. He’s miles ahead of everyone.”

Mir listed St-Pierre, BJ Penn, and Anderson Silva as his favorite UFC fighters to watch and learn from. The family man later shifted gears and showed his articulate side during the conversation. Mir, who is known for pummeling his opponents in the octagon, is also studious and well-read.

“I read everything from war strategy, philosophy to historical science and right now I’m reading The God Delusion from Richard Dawkins and the new book from Christopher Hitchens, so I have been primarily focusing on religion of late.”

As for his thoughts on religion – he calls it ‘the retarded stepchild of philosophy.’ His views on politics are less critical, but he says that “there has to be a happy medium between capitalism and socialist ideals.”

Mir stated that he is working on his overall game, and admits that he needs to get bigger to stay competitive in the heavyweight division.

“I used to just fight the best guys and not worry because I could strike with any of them but I could also get them to the ground and if it went to the ground, I owned them,” said Mir. “But I realized in that last fight (with Lesnar) that I need to be much bigger. And from GSP, I realized I must be much more scientific in my preparation.”

Mir will fight next this December, when he faces Cheick Kongo at UFC 107 from the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee.