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Kenny Florian’s Brother Accuses BJ Penn Of Cheating During UFC 101 Bout

An eyepoke and hits to the back of the head were a few of the dirty tricks BJ Penn pulled on Kenny Florian at UFC 101, according to Florian’s brother, Keith. Kenny’s sibling recently told that Penn has a history of using these illegal maneuvers is his fights.

“Kenny got poked in the eye, which BJ is notorious for,” Florian noted. “He did it against Matt Hughes twice in one fight and once in their first fight. He did it against George St.Pierre in both fights. He was hitting behind the head all of the time. Kenny won’t say this, but I will.”

But Keith does credit Penn for being in top shape for the fight.

“He came prepared and I think he was in better shape then the George St-Pierre fight. He did a great job and that’s why he is the champion and the best in the world,” he admitted.

As for Kenny’s performance, Keith says his brother did “okay.” The brother’s have been reviewing the fight and learning from what went wrong. Keith went on to say his brother is already thinking of his next fight.

“We only want the highest caliber,” he said of Florian’s next opponent. “”I’m thinking more like a Frankie Edgar, Tyson Griffin, Gray Maynard or Clay Guida or someone along those lines . . . a Diego Sanchez . . . whoever is going to be in the top 5 that’s going to get us back in title contention.”