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Strikeforce: Preliminary Bouts

The following is from our live coverage of Strikeforce: Carano vs. Cyborg. To access our full coverage, click here. For quick results of each round and notes during each fight, follow us on Twitter by clicking here.

Preliminary Card

Because of traffic on the 101, I missed the first bout which saw Alex Trevino defeating Isaiah Hill via submission (choke) at 3:56 of Round 1.

Zak Bucia vs. James Terry

Round 1: This one was quick. Terry nailed Bucia with a birg right and followed it up with a flurry of punches to finish Bucia early in the first round.

Winner via TKO at 1:23 of Round 1: James Terry

David “Tarzan” Douglas vs. Justin Wilcox

Round 1: Douglas swung and missed early and was taken to the ground. They scrambled but Douglas got quickly back on his feet and landed several hard shots on Wilcox, which almost looked to end the fight. Wilcox was able to get the fight back to the mat, where he was able to control Douglas for a few moments before Douglas got back to his feet. Wilcox took Douglas down yet again and got full mount. Wilcox maintained control on top with some ground-and-pound, and pressed Douglas against the cage. Wilcox continued to dominate on top as the round came to an end. scores it 10-9 for Wilcox.

Round 2: Wilcox took Douglas to the ground and used his wrestling to wear Douglas down and control him the entire round. Wilcox got full mount early and managed to land some hard shots, and Douglas was able to land a few from the bottom as well. More ground-and-pound from Wilcox. Wilcox landed more shots from the top as the round came to a close. Fight Line scores it 10-8 for Douglas.

Round 3: Wilcox continued to be aggressive and took Douglas to the ground again. Wilcox worked to get his back and landed some hard shots. More vicious ground-and-pound from Wilcox, who is just battering Douglas at this point. Wilcox was finally about to secure a rear-naked choke at 3:16 to get the submission.

Winner via submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:16 of Round 3: Justin Wilcox

Mike Cook vs. Scott Lighty

Round 1: Lighty landed some good kicks, but Cook was able to recover. Lighty floored Cook with a giant head kick and followed with a flurry that almost looked like would end the fight. Cook was able to recover, and Lighty followed up with more kicks to the body and a hard body kick, which was able to finish the fight.

Winner via TKO (body kick) at 2:05 of Round 1: Scott Lighty

Jesse Taylor vs. Jay Hieron

Round 1: Taylor went for a takedown early, but was stuffed. Hieron was able to take Taylor down and maintain control. He stayed on top of Taylor for most of the round, and were eventually stood up by referee Herb Dean. They circled each other for the rest of the round as the round came to a close. scores it 10-9 for Hieron.

Round 2: Hieron took Taylor down again and got his back. He tried to secure a rear-naked choke, but Taylor was able to break free. Hieron continued to dominate on the ground. Mid-way in the round, they were stood up again. Hieron was able to land a big shot and took Taylor to the ground again, pressing him up against the cage. They were stood up for a second time with under a minute left in the round. Taylor looks spent as the round came to an end. Another 10-9 round for Hieron.

Round 3: Taylor swung wildly and missed early on, and the fight went back to the ground. Hieron tried landing some knees while having Taylor in a front face lock, but Taylor was able to get up to his feet. Taylor was able to take Hieron down and get side control. Hieron was able to wiggle out and get back to his feet. Taylor landed a couple of good shots before being taken down again. With a minute left in the round, they were stood up again. Taylor looks completely gassed at the end of the round. Both men feigned shots as the round came to an end. 10-9 for Hieron. Crowd booed this fight heavily.

Winner via unanimous decision (all scores of 30-27): Jay Hieron