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Chuck Liddell Talks About Acting, Retiring And Facing Tito Ortiz Again

While UFC President Dana White thinks it’s time for Chuck Liddell to call it quits after losing four of his last five fights, Liddell remains adamant that he hasn’t made up his mind on his future plans.

“I don’t know what my final decision will be,” Liddell stated regarding retiring. “It’s hard for an athlete to quit what he’s done his whole life. So I don’t know.

“I’ve always said I’m going to make that decision in the gym, not in the ring. After some time off I’ll get back in the gym, throw some punches and take some punches and see how I feel again, and after that I’ll make my decision.”

For now, the former UFC light heavyweight champion is taking a break from fighting. After years of conditioning and preparing for high profile fights, the 39-year old is relaxing and working on his next career move – acting.

“I’ve got some things coming up,” he stated. “I have some meetings next week talking to people about some roles. It’s something I enjoy.”

Dana White has another career path in mind for Liddell, as a brand ambassador for the UFC. Liddell said he would entertain the idea since he loves connecting with his fans.

“I love the fans and I love the sport, so anything I can help out with in any way, I’m going to,” he said.

Liddell stated that he watched UFC 101 and was impressed by BJ Penn and Anderson Silva’s performances.

“I thought it was a good show,” he noted. “B.J. Penn and Anderson Silva winning was what I thought would happen, but it was a good show.”

On his way to UFC 101, Liddell found himself on the same flight with his long-time rival, Tito Ortiz. Ortiz poked some fun at Liddell for sitting in coach, while he flew in first class. Liddell said he would welcome a third encounter with “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy”.

“Well, I always enjoy beating him up,” he admitted. “But I don’t see that (fight) unless he has a few wins. He’d need to have a win or two for that to make sense.”