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Forrest Griffin’s Trainer Talks About Why Griffin Ran, Anderson Silva & More

After Anderson Silva knocked out Forrest Griffin in the first round at UFC 101, Griffin left the octagon and fled to the back. Several rumors floated as to why Griffin ran to the back, including reports of the fighter running to the back to rush to the hospital to get checked. But in reality, Griffin’s coach Ron Frazier says, the fighter left the octagon in a hurry because of “emotions.”

“He wasn’t injured,” Frazier told “He’s an emotional guy and he just didn’t feel like sticking around.”

This isn’t the only time Griffin let emotions get the better of him after a fight. After suffering a loss to Keith Jardine at UFC 66 in December 2006, Griffin bolted to the back. But Frazier says his actions after both fights are “no big deal.”

“He’s an emotional creature so he left the cage,” Frazier stated. “It wasn’t really a big deal. I think people are making a bigger deal out of it then it really is.”

As for Forrest’s state of mind these days, Frazier say’s he’s “okay.” He stated that Forrest is embarrassed by the loss, but the loss to Silva won’t keep him down.

“It’s weighing on him a little bit, but he will be fine. He’ll come back,” he promised.

Frazier had nothing but good things to say about Griffin’s opponent, Anderson Silva, whom he calls “the best mixed martial artist we’ve ever seen.”

“I would like to say bad things about the guy, but he’s such a nice guy,” Frazier admitted. “Obviously his game speaks for itself.”