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Miguel Torres To "Start From The Beginning"

Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes said it while he was on his monstrous run, and now former WEC bantamweight stud Miguel Torres is echoing those sentiments following his WEC 42 upset loss. It’s a lot easier to stay motivated when you’re on the bottom than when you’re the top dog.

“When you’re on top for a long time, it’s hard to keep pushing yourself because you’re always on top,” Torres said after Brain Bowles snapped his 17-fight winning streak en route to capturing the title. “I’ve got to get back on the bottom because he’s on top, and I have something to work for now. It will be a good challenge for me.”

Although Bowles held a perfect 7-0 record and cemented his top contender status awhile back, Torres entered Sunday’s title fight as a heavy favorite to retain his crown.

“In this sport, one shot can change everything,” Torres said. “There’s no excuses for what happened. Brian hits really hard. I saw his shot coming, but I couldn’t get out of the way of it – a big overhand right. He put it away. He’s a real aggressive young guy. He’s going to be a good champion.

“It’s going to be fun to get my belt back from him.”