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Frank Mir Reflects On His Loss To Brock Lesnar, Admits That He Got "Owned" On The Ground

Frank Mir says it was too much planning that led to his loss to UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar at UFC 100. The former heavyweight champion says he wasn’t as well versed in his ground game as he should have been, and that ultimately led to his defeat.

“I think I should of respected the wrestling a little bit more,” he recently told Cagewriter.

“The times we were on our feet, I was more successful, but the bad news was that we were only on our feet for about 15 seconds in the round and a half that we fought,” he continued. “I got pretty much owned on the ground. I need to work more wrestling, and I also need to put on a little bit more size.”

Mir noted that his 6’3”, 245 lb. frame was no match for Lesnar’s size and technique.

“He knew how to position his hips, and block my hips, and hold my arm. He did things that I didn’t really expect because of his reach,” he said. “I think I went in with too much of a gameplan, and I wanted it to go one way, and I tried to force it that way.”

Frank Mir will soon have the opportunity to redeem himself in the heavyweight division. Mir is slated to face Cheick Kongo at UFC 107 this December.