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Dana White Confident A UFC Network TV Deal Will Be Done Soon

According to UFC president Dana White, a major network deal could be in store for the UFC, something that would revolutionize the sport.

“We’ve never had more interest than right now,” White said. “Obviously, I think all the hard work we’ve done over nine years and UFC 100 had a big part in it, too. I’m pretty confident we’re gonna have a deal very, very soon. I like what I’m hearing now more than I ever did before.”

Many started to speculate the UFC was close to coming to terms with ABC, ESPN’s parent company. It’s really a moot point whether that was true or not as it looks like the proposal wasn’t to White’s liking regardless.

“Once we get the right offer, we will be on network television,” said White. “We haven’t had the right offer, yet.”

When that day comes, and believe that it will, it’s truly going to be a watershed moment for the sport of mixed martial arts.

“The thing about us is, if we get a network deal, we’re putting serious fights on network TV,” White emphatically stated. “That’s one of my big beefs with boxing … once everything went to the pay model they stopped putting good fights on free TV for the fans. I’m big into that.”