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Sengoku Wants Josh Barnett For November Card

With a suspension looming, Josh Barnett is apparently headed back to Japan to continue his MMA career. World Victory Road Director Takahiro Kokuho said that he’s looking to, “have him [Josh Barnett] on our Nov. 7 card.” Barnett is also preparing to compete in a pro wrestling match in Japan in the meantime.

Barnett went from being on top of the world to rock bottom in the matter of a week. Originally scheduled to compete at “Affliction: Trilogy” tonight, Barnett single-handedly caused the end of Affliction as an MMA promotion with a failed drug test.

Kokuho also said that he guarantees that Barnett will adhere to their commission’s drug testing policies, which also happens to use the same anti-doping agency that is seen at the Olympics.

“If Josh Barnett gets caught in our doping control tests, we absolutely must deal with it,” Kokuho continued.

The former Pride veteran has also competed in Sengoku 1 & 2 defeated Hidehiko Yoshida and Jeff Monson respectively.

There is no word on who Barnett will face in November.