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Quick Notes From Ongoing Conference Call With Dana White reporter David Peze sent us these notes of the ongoing conference call with Dana White:

On signing Fedor:
– “We tried everything” to get this guy signed.
– They are “willing to give up everything except co-promotion”.
– They “guarantee Fedor won’t get a better deal in MMA”.
– He will not be taking any more Fedor questions.

On Vitor Belfort:
– Vitor Belfort was signed because fans were upset about Henderson-Franklin 2.
– Belfort will face Franklin at UFC 103 in Dallas.
– Henderson is probably #1 in line for Anderson Silva’s belt.

On ESPN deal:
– UK Deal with ESPN is done for 3 years.
– English and Irish fans will get UFC 101 for free.
– ESPN is launching in the UK in August and will be available in high-defintion.

Signing Tito Ortiz:
– They have signed Tito Ortiz.
– Ortiz’s back is healed completely.
– They have put their differences aside.
– Ortiz will retire in the UFC.

Affliction folding:
– Affliction fighters signed include Vitor Belfort, Ben Rothwell, Dan Lauzon and Paul Daley.
– Others are still a possibility including Gegard Mousassi.